From Moscow to St. Petersburg is the Federal highway M10. The distance is about seven hundred kilometers. Travel time from seven to twelve hours, depending on traffic. To go better until six o'clock in the morning to avoid traffic jams on the Moscow ring road (MKAD) and the Leningrad highway. Coverage in the Moscow region is great, broad highway, lanes enough.
From city Torzhok almost to the borders of the Novgorod region, the road leaves much to be desired. The surface is rough, across the pit. Be careful and obey the speed limit. In almost every village located cameras, fixing a traffic violation. It is not necessary to exceed the set speed of sixty kilometer per hour. Otherwise fine from GIDD provided.
Make sure in advance of spare wheels for the car. Punching the tire on the track is very simple. And in the Tver region, which you pass on the way to Saint Petersburg, it is very difficult to find a car repair shop providing services to cars. Mostly they are focused on truckers in the heavy spare wheel may just not be found.
In the Novgorod region starts the tri-band movement. This creates difficulties when overtaking, moreover, that "pockets are not very large - four hundred meters. The only plus is the service road around the Great Novgorod. The carpeting is new, all the holes are concrete, no traffic jams.
In Novgorod should Leningrad oblast, in a hundred kilometers will travel to St. Petersburg. The traffic on this stretch of highway is unremarkable. The road is good, a lot of fur, but enough for overtaking.
If you go to Peter in the late afternoon, have a chance to fall into the tube at the entrance. They are not like in Moscow, but losing the time necessary. The optimal interval for entering the city by day, from eleven in the morning until five in the evening. The night after twenty-two hours.