Search the Internet or in the specialized literature for detailed instructions on the construction of winter fishing box. Purchase all the necessary materials: aluminum, stainless steel, steel wire carabiner from bags, flat nylon halyard, aluminum rivets, piano hinge, plain steel washer, plywood, foam, steel brackets, rivets and angles. The quantity of materials and their characteristics will depend on the drawing which you will make winter fishing box.
Fabricate the body of the box of duralumin sheet thickness of 1 mm. Follow the bottom and side walls of one detail: a marking guide according to the drawing, vykroyte piece with the help of special scissors for metal. Use a sponge billet parts and using a Vice bend them. Fabricate from steel wire earring of duralumin sheet make a clip of this earring and collar make the ear. Attach the dural slider studs to the bottom of the drawer to the side walls of the lugs to attach the strap.
Rivet inside the box to the walls and bottom wall made of duralumin sheet, edges, and rib parts blunted. Fabricate the lid from plywood sheet. Attach to the base with a lug, and glue polyethylene foam strip, which cover a cover of leather Deputy. Pull the cover edges on the ends of the base and attach them with wire staples. Screw the screws of the piano hinge to the opposite side of the boss and the wall of the box. Opposite the piano hinge attach the latch. The latch must be secured pivotally, i.e. freely for rotation.
Make a strap of flat nylon tether, insert one end in your ear and fasten with a ribbon strap to the other end install a carabiner. Color winter fishing box, best of all, if it's not the bright colors.