Even if you just freeze expressed breast milk in sterile containers and properly stored it, the beneficial properties of the immunity may be lost if improperly warming up. It is therefore particularly important to know how to defrost and reheat breast milk. To teach a babysitter or relatives who will feed baby in your absence.
Do not heat expressed milk is fresh if it was kept at room temperature. Breast milk stays fresh for 4-6 hours. Heat the milk out of the fridge in a water bath to a temperature of 37 °C. you Can use the heater for baby food.
If the milk is frozen, remove the container from the freezer, wash them under warm running water from frosty plaque and put in the fridge. It is important that the defrosting was smooth and gradual. Extreme temperatures can lead to loss of useful properties of milk, changing its taste and color.
If breast milk need you urgently, place the frozen container or package in a pan of warm water. From time to time stir the milk in the tank for uniform thawing. If breast milk is frozen in the bottle, you can heat it in the electric heater for baby food.
After thawing, pour the breast milk into a clean bottle for feeding the baby and pre-heat to the desired temperature. Thawed breast milk can be used for the preparation of the soluble children's porridges, add in vegetable puree.
Never use for heating microwave breast milk and do not boil it! From this you will lose all useful properties. In addition, it may change the taste and smell of breast milk.
Don't worry if you notice that the defrosted and warmed breast milk slightly different taste and color. Usually babies don't care.
Keep thawed milk in the fridge in a sterile dish is not more than 5-7 days. Never freeze breastmilk again, it can deteriorate.