Advice 1: How to feed a newborn puppy

Most dogs are excellent mothers tenderly caring for their offspring. But sometimes that bitch is very weak after giving birth or she has no milk. It happens also that a dog dies as a result of caesarean section. How to feed newborn puppies, and to prevent their death?
You will need
  • - syringe or pipette;
  • Vata;
  • - Terry towel
Try to find a foster mother for a puppy
You should know that newborn puppies are totally helpless - they are born blind and deaf. Puppies are not able to not only feed himself, but to be emptied of feces and urine. They do all this with the mother. Therefore, the most simple and rational way youfeed a newborn puppy in that case, if the mother for whatever reason is unable to feed him is to find him a "nurse". It is desirable that bitch nurse was about the same size as the mother of the puppies. Of course, it must be absolutely healthy and have calm nature and a pronounced maternal instinct. If you are unsure of the health of the wet nurse, show her to the vet.
For emergency feeding newborn baby, you can prepare a mixture of half a Cup of boiled cow's milk and one egg yolk. The amount of compound necessary to first feeding depends on the size of the puppy. However, when feeding should be guided by what is best for underfeeding than overfeeding of the baby. For the first feeding can be quite a half pipette of the nutrient mixture.
Take the syringe and put it on him, instead of a needle, a piece of thin rubber catheter or rubber tube from the pipette. Remove the piston and cover the syringe hole with your thumb to allow the puppy to suck up the mixture. Watch carefully how the puppy ate. You should know that food should come in small droplets, or the baby may choke and die.
Take a piece of cotton or soft Terry towels. Soak it in warm water and gently massage the stomach in a baby, mimicking the movement of the tongue of a dog. This is necessary in order that the puppy could be emptied. You should know that without such stimulation, the puppy will suffer the diarrhea, the constipation.
Feed newborn puppies every three hours, day and night. Feeding a puppy is recommended to use special ready-mix sold in pet stores.

Advice 2: What to feed a newborn puppy

At the birth of long awaited puppies are not excluded various contingencies. These include bottle-feeding the newborn Pets. This need may be related to the lack of bitches milk, contraindications to breastfeeding, the death of a dog, or just her lack of desire to feed their offspring. In this case, the responsibility for the lives of the puppies falls on the shoulders of the owner.
Feeding newborn puppies

The owner of the puppies should make an effort to receive adequate nutrition from the first days of life. If possible, infants should try to drink at least one serving of expressed mother's milk called colostrum. This will provide them an initial immunity, which is very important for the development and growth of puppies.

During the first weeks babies should feed every 2 hours. This applies not only to daytime but also night. Gradually, the interval between feedings should be increased so that by the end of the first month, the frequency of this procedure was 5 to 6 times a day.

Approximately two weeks until the puppies don't open my eyes, the food should consist of whole milk substitute (WMS). The mixture can be purchased ready-made in stores, but you can do it yourself.

This mixture can be prepared from 1 fresh chicken raw eggs and 100 g of milk. In egg batter added milk, all well mixed and is decanted through cheesecloth. In the resulting feed, you can add a couple of drops of vitamins A and D.

Enough nutrients is considered another part. In 80 g of milk added 1 egg yolk, 20 g cream, 20 ml glucose (40%), 3 ml of ascorbic acid and a couple drops of vitamins A and D.

When feeding puppies you can use a baby bottle with rubber nipple. Special containers for feeding puppies can be purchased at pet stores. You need to choose this option so that the hole in the nipple was not too big, otherwise the puppy can choke. Too small hole as well uncomfortable for feeding, as the animal tired to suck before use the necessary portion. And this, in turn, can affect the growth of the puppy. In some cases the feeding can be done with a pipette or a syringe without the needle.

Formula feeding should be the optimal temperature. To determine this figure could, dropping a bit at the elbow joint. If the fluid is not hot, but lukewarm, you can begin feeding your pet.

Before feeding should RUB the tummy of a puppy. It improves peristalsis. To understand that the puppy ate you for his behavior – he starts to turn away from the nipple. It is important to sure that the baby had malnutrition. On the packaging of the finished feed, typically needed, depending on the weight of the animal.

Subsequent feeding puppies

Once the Pets will open your eyes, you need to give them to lap from the bowl and accustom to the cream cheese. Last better to do it yourself. A jar of yogurt should be put in the water filled pan. Once the liquid boils, you need to wait a few minutes, stirring the yogurt. Thereafter, the resulting product recommended strain through cheesecloth and squeeze. Turning to the feeding curd for a long time in parallel to continue to give the puppies milk replacer.

After 5 days of feeding cheese to it should begin to mix and different food. If you use dry food previously to soften them in hot boiled water. Gradually the diet of the Pets need to enrich various food products. This will ensure their healthy growth.
Useful advice
If you did not have at hand the syringe or a pipette, and the kid is an urgent need to feed, you can use a small cotton flagellum. Dip the flagellum in a nutrient mixture and gently press into the baby's mouth. Also in this situation, you can use a clean small brush. Dip brush in mixture and put in the mouth of the puppy.
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