You will need
    • pike;
    • a sharp knife for fish cutting;
    • salt;
    • sugar;
    • spices;
    • the capacity for pickling.
Usually small fish are salted whole, without gutting and not cutting off heads. But for pickling pike you need to prepare, because the size of pike is usually more medium-sized fish, and meat should proselytise well. Immediately it should be noted that fish intended for pickling, do not rinse with water, just wipe dry with a clean cloth.
For cutting pike will need a sharp thinning knife for cutting fish. Pike is not clean from the scales, but be sure to gut it inside and open the back of the fish for better penetration of the brine into the meat. For that pike need to be cut back along the entire length. If the fish is small, the head can be left, but be sure to remove the gills. If a large pike, and cut off the head, and narrow tail. It can then be put aside for soup. Fins can be cut and you can leave, there is no much difference you will notice.
If you succeed, you can try to remove the spine through an incision in the back. Also try to remove the large rib bones. Subsequently salted fish will be more palatable with a minimal amount of bones.
Then prepare zasolochny the mixture to your taste. Usually the mixture consists of two parts salt, one part sugar and spices to taste. Depending on the salinity that you want to achieve, the amount of compound varies from 100 to 200 grams per kilogram of fish.
Prepared fish need to RUB the mixture, put it in a container for pickling, pour half of the mixture and place it in a cool place under pressure. The willingness of the fish will depend on its size. Than fish less, the faster it salted, and Vice versa.
Will only wash the fish from the brine and use it. For lovers of sun-dried pike, you can offer a bit of dry salted fish in a ventilated area, just be careful that the room had access to flies.