If you do clean the hallways, because you can't wait for the lady from the housing Department, do not just disgruntled grumbling and discussions with neighbors. It is better to go to the main house (it should be selected at General meeting of tenants) with a request to organize an extraordinary meeting of all the inhabitants of the house.
Hang out on the information stand of the announcement, which will report the date of the meeting and scheduled for consideration of the question. You need to notify as many residents to be able to collect the required number of signatures.
Be sure to invite representatives of the housing Department, and (where possible) a lawyer who will help you competently to make a complaint.
Listen during the discussion, all the claims of the residents, which you need to write in the complaint.
Write your Surname, name, patronymic and position of one who is your complaint and address of the housing office.
When you specify in the complaint the claim (the poor performance of technical staff, low temperature in the premises, regular water leak in the basement, etc.), indicate specific facts. For example, if your application is not responded properly (was not an electrician or fitter), specify the exact date of the call, the name of the person who took the statement. Also inform the possible consequence (flooded apartment neighbors, damaged linoleum in your apartment, absenteeism at work due to fruitless idle repair crews, etc.).
Be sure to specify in the complaint how long you try to fight the negligence of the staff of the housing Department. Also record the number of statements according to the problems that needed to be fixed by the Secretary, and copies to keep.
If residents of your home have suffered as a result of a leak that happened because of the reluctance to respond and to do my work staff of the housing Department, then calculate the amount of damage and specify the statement with the requirement to compensate it to you.
Making a complaint, be sure to collect signatures. Do not forget to specify apartment numbers, but the names of the neighbors.
One copy of the complaint keep it, and send the other to the Administration of your district.
The document is required to officially register in reception, not forgetting to record the name of the person who took the statement. Check also the Secretary the time within which you will receive a response to your complaint.