You will need
  • - pot;
  • - soil;
  • - expanded clay.
There are many types of bromeliads, they are famous for outrageous colors and extraordinary forms. They grow in partial shade or shade, but plants with stiff leaves feel much more comfortable in bright light. At low temperatures and low light conditions, the plants sleep, especially in winter. Bromeliads require a constant warm temperature – 25 degrees, this make them ideal houseplants.
Bromeliads need to be transplanted in a time when you have noticed a significant increase in the root system. For a transplant you'll need a pot whose diameter must be 3-4 inches more than the previous. Prepare yourself permeable mixture based on peat with added sand and a special substrate for orchids. You can prepare the following mixture: mix equal proportions of coarse sand, peat substrate, garden gravel, mix it all with half part leaf mold. On the bottom of the pot lay a concrete block or a layer of pottery shards, it is necessary for the drainage system.
Bromeliads give the kids at the base of the stems, when their age reaches a few months old and their height is one-third the length of the parent socket, it is necessary to cut them with a sharp knife at the base. Make sure you have the roots, if they are few, then put the plant into a container of water. Leave until, until you find a decent roots.
Divide the bunch of suckers for a few individual shoots from the roots. Put each process in a suitable size pot with the prepared soil. Liberally pour warm and settled water and put in a warm place. When watering try not to get into the socket of a sheet as long as they surely will not take root.