To set up mail forwarding, log in to your mailbox on the mail Yandex by entering the appropriate username and password. Go to settings mail. This can be done by clicking the line link "Settings" located at the upper right of the window just below the address of your mailbox.
In the preferences window select Rules for processing mail by clicking on the line-the link with the left mouse button. On the next page you will be prompted to create a rule whereby incoming mail will be processed and forwarded to your specified email address. Click on the "Create rule" button to start setting up redirects.
The first line of the rules specify which messages should be forwarded to another mailbox. Default: "Apply to all emails, except spam with attachments and without attachments". To set other parameters, click on the labels "Change" located at the end of the sentence.
In the "If" select from the drop down list, the string "From" in the next dropdown select "is" in the empty field type the address of the mailbox in which are now. In the section "Perform action," put a marker next to the line "forward to address", in the blank field enter the address of the mailbox to which you want to forward incoming emails. If you want the current mailbox was a copy of a letter, put a token in the "Save a copy when forwarding". Click "Create rule".
After you create a rule, navigate to the folder of incoming emails in that mailbox, the forwarding you have set. Open the email that just came called "Confirmation emails for Yandex.Mail. To confirm the created forwarding rule, click on the link contained in the email.
In the opened window with the text "Someone, perhaps you yourself have created a rule to forward emails from Yandex.Mail to your address. To activate the rule require confirmation of the owner of the box, with which you will be forwarding" click the "Enable rule".