You will need
  • program Total commander
Download Total Commander. The link at the end of the article you will find a link to the shareware version of this utility. It will run for 30 days, but you will be more than enough.
Open the software and left mouse click to select the file or folder. For this you can use one of two main Windows, those which are file lists. Moving between volumes of the hard disk in two ways. First: using the switch on the top of each of the Windows with lists of files. Second: using the drop-down menu to invoke it click the icon in the shape of a triangle, looking down.
Click the menu item "File" and then "Attributes". Opens the "edit attributes". You should be interested in a field that is in the middle of the window. In the date field enter the day, month and year in format In the "Time" enter hours, minutes and seconds in the format hh:mm:ss. You can also use the special menu which appears when you press the button, located to the right of the Time field: the date changes with calendar and time using the arrows "Up" and "Down". In addition, to enter new data, you can use the keyboard: select the left mouse click and type the desired number. To put changes into effect, click "OK".
Please note the button "Current". If you click it, the data in the fields "date" and "Time" will change accordingly to the current. By entering the required parameters, click OK to save them. Right here in Total Commander, you can see how the selected file or directory is changed the date of its establishment.
Keep in mind that if you change the creation date of the folders, the files and folders that are inside it remains the same date of recording.