You will need
  • Decorated surface;
  • owner of gold leaf;
  • kolinsky brush;
  • suede cushion;
  • knife;
  • cotton gloves;
  • shellac;
  • water;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • a cotton cloth.
Gold leaf comes in the form of a thin sheets collected in a book. Each sheet is lined with tissue paper. Gold leaf may vary, depending on the presence of additional impurities. To purchase this material better in specialized stores which guarantee the quality of the product. The sheet must be free of creases, holes and other defects.
The metal surface requires preparation. If the place is subjected to plating, uneven, it should be sanded. After sanding clean the surface from dust and degrease with acetone.
Surface gold leaf may be accidentally scratched. To avoid this, treat the metal with a special compound before plating. As a protective layer can be applied shellac which is a resin of organic origin.
To the Golden leaf lies flat and is well bonded, the surface should be moistened. Prepare a mixture of two thirds water and one third ethyl alcohol. Using a soft brush to lightly moisten the surface of the metal. Do not moisturize too much, otherwise finished surface may lose its Shine. After that you should immediately begin applying the gold leaf.
Sheets it is not advisable to touch with bare hands. For these purposes, stock up on cotton gloves. Lightly blow on the book. Extreme sheet will pop up and you will be able to remove it with a special knife. The knife should be pre-treated with alcohol. Lay the leaf on leather or suede pillow. Then cut it with a knife into squares that correspond to the size of the decorated sites.
Carefully transfer the sheet metal. Using kolinsky brushes press gold leaf to the surface and smooth it. In this way, treat all the desired areas of the product. When you have finished processing, let the decorated surface to dry completely. Then wipe the metal cotton fabric.