Users of any computer can switch control of the machine with the mouse to the keyboard and back. You do not need to specify special commands to change the settings. To perform any action simply the right combination of buttons on the keyboard. Also, any manipulation of the computer can make when managing the mouse.
Setting mouse control makes sense when using laptops or netbooks – devices that have Touch Pad - special sensitive panel that replaces a computer mouse. You can configure the Touch Pad in a special program, installed on your computer. For Example, Elan Smart-Pad. To avoid accidental taps on the Touch Pad, configure the computer to disable the touchpad when connecting an external mouse. To enter the settings menu, open the "start" and select "control Panel". Open the folder "Mouse" and select the tab Smart-Pad. Check the function "Disable when external USB mouse. Click "Apply" and "OK". review the contents of the other tabs to configure the mouse according to your preferences.
Working in Internet browsers, many users differencebut control the mouse or keyboard. To disable mouse in Opera is possible in the following way. Enter the "Menu" of the browser and select under "Settings" - "General settings". In appeared window find the "Advanced" tab. On the left is displayed the operational settings of the browser that you can configure. Find the field "Controls". At the top of the context menu, uncheck the line "Enable mouse gestures". Confirm your action by clicking "Apply" and "OK".
To disable mouse in Mozilla Firefox, in the "Toolbar" of your browser, find the tab "Tools", click on it and Ukravtomatika menu, select "Settings". Open the advanced tab, section "General". Uncheck the box next to the option "Always use cursor keys to navigate through the pages. Click "Apply" and "OK" to save your changes in the browser settings.
If you want to disable mouse control in any game, open "Settings" and tab "Control". Find control options mouse and keys, set the system to the command you want and click "OK".