You will need
  • - two new rubber seals for the heater valve and the radiator hose;
  • two worm drive clamp with a diameter of 16-23 mm;
  • - coolant
  • - a set of keys and screwdrivers.
Before working wash the engine compartment of the vehicle. Set it on a flat horizontal surface and lock the Parking brake. The engine should be cold. When performing work simultaneously clean house and threaded fasteners from rust and dirt with wire brush. Treat them with kerosene, or grease. Drain the coolant from the engine. For all nozzles, place a cloth.
Open the engine compartment and using a screwdriver, loosen all the clamps on the hoses, inlet and outlet coolant to the heater. Then remove the hoses from branch pipes of a radiator and water tap stove. In this case, the nozzles and the hoses allowed the leakage of some amount of coolant.
Using the socket wrench "7" remove the two screws securing the gasket to the body. Remove the sealant from the nozzles. Disconnect the actuator rod from the tap of the stove. Carefully remove the shroud blower motor heater. For removing the heater core, print the pipes from the holes in the cowl panel.
The two bolts that fasten the water outlet of the coolant, Unscrew the cap a key for 10 and remove the nozzle. Locate the rubber gasket, the sealing connection pipe and heater radiator. When assembling the gasket should be replaced. With the heater core remove the tap.
Before installing the heater core all the old rubber seals and clamps throw them away and install a new one. All removed parts and components of the heating system install in the reverse order of removal. Before pouring the coolant into the engine, the control lever faucet stove, move to the far right.
Fill with coolant to the engine to the required level and do a control check tightness of all connections. If necessary, tighten connections.