In order to change the kindergarten, you will need to have a good reason. You can act either independently or through the Department of education. Since October 2010 in Moscow on these issues, the district referral program (OSIP).
If you decide to act independently, then, first of all, check whether there is free space in the garden where you want to transfer the child.
If available, talk to the head of the kindergarten and execute the appropriate documents (statements, medical documents, contract, etc.).
If no seats available, talk to parents of children attending this kindergarten, with teachers, kindergarten staff, the Manager, it is possible that in the near future, the space can appear, and you will have to keep in mind. It is possible that some parents will be willing to switch with you gardens.
To search for places in your garden to place media ads, read the forums on the Internet, hang up the announcement in the garden.
If you decide to take official action, they should apply to the territorial authority of the Department (Department) of education. Based on the practice in recent years, we can say that by the end of summer in the committees created a database of information on the availability of data on the willingness of parents to change preschool, etc Write to the Committee with justification for the reasons for the transfer of the child, it is better if the reason is valid.
In Moscow the issues of the replacement of the kindergarten is engaged in OSIP. Services operate in each district of the capital. Therefore, residents of Moscow to apply should be there. The valid reasons are considered here as a change of residence, change of family circumstances, replacement of a short stay of the child in the garden for permanent. OSIP staff contact the District Office of the Department of education, clarify the possibility of transferring and then sends you back to arrange documentation. To meet your application will be in OSIP.
It should be borne in mind that another solution is to appeal to the conflict Commission, of course, if there is one in your region. Practice shows that the most quickly solve this issue parents, acting on their own behalf.