You will need
  • computer;
  • headphones;
  • - sound card.
Before you buy, and plug in the headphones, you should investigate whether your computer has a sound card, that is a device that is responsible for the input and output of sound. Note that this device is built into the motherboard and can be installed in a separate slot of a system unit of the computer. In the absence of a sound card it need to be installed, and to install everything needed for the proper functioning of the driver. It is not necessary to buy the expensive device. Most importantly, make sure you have the right connections, you can connect headphones. Consult experts in the relevant store.
Using the instructions that will be attached to the sound card, determine which of the connectors are meant for headphones, microphone or other devices. As a rule, the nest is marked with different colors so that the connector was easier to connect. Take the headphones and gently insert the connector into the Jack. Note that it needs to be advanced into the slot until it stops.
After that, turn on your computer and using the menu "start", go to submenu "control Panel". There select the settings for sound devices in your computer. After reviewing the capabilities settings, adjust the volume, as well as a number of other sound settings. Listening to new headphones, you can achieve optimal performance.
After the headphones will be ready to work, install not computer music players to listen to audio files, as well as those programs that allow you to communicate freely with Internet users anywhere in the world. Today, the most popular program Skype, GoogleTalk and others.