You will need
  • - thin Phillips or a flathead screwdriver.
Remove the battery. Unscrew the rear part of the stick with a Phillips screwdriver of small size. You need to Unscrew 6 screws that are on the panel, and one screw located under the sticker in the slot for the battery. Put the screws so that not to lose them.
Carefully remove both covers of the joystick and remove the chip. Remove the top panel (which are triggers) and the lower plastic part of grey. Gum on the buttons don't remove.
Unscrew the d-pad controller, which is fastened by 2 screws and is clipped. First, twist the screws and only after that try to release the metal clips with the same screwdriver. Then you can push the d-pad.
Remove the elastics from the buttons. To remove the side trigger, release it from the plastic part that is inserted in a corresponding groove of the button mechanism. Then bend the two side clips, pull the trigger and remove it, then remove the springs.
Joystick disassembled. Clean all parts, replace parts as required. Reassemble the controller in reverse order.