Before removing the headlights to disconnect the ground from the battery is not required. Turn off the ignition and all consumers of electric current, the ignition key remove. Tap on the headlight housing. In this case the locking bolt should be rotated in the direction of the arrow of the Open as shown on the label. Rotate to the stop, but without applying excessive force to avoid breaking the latching mechanism.
After you complete these procedures, the spotlight needs to move forward. Pull the headlight out a niche in the wing as long as the headlight is not rested in the retaining clip. Click on the e-ring and hold it in depressed position. At this time, completely remove the headlight from the niche in the back.
The installation of a headlight on a regular place, start with a headlamp mounting in the guide grooves. Before doing this make sure no dirt in these grooves and check for a snug fit of the plug in the mounting of the lights. Inserting headlight into the guides, gently push the spotlight in its niche. With the full embedding of lights, you should hear a faint but distinct click, which means the fixation of the retaining clip.
The locking bolt rotate in the direction of the Close as shown on the label. The retaining clip should snap into place with a distinct click. After installing lights check side clearances: they should be the same around the perimeter. If the gaps are not the same, position lights requires correction. Confirm the operation of installed lights in all its functions. Check the setting and adjustment of the headlights.
In order to adjust the position of the lights and fix all side clearances, remove the cover of the front bumper, unscrewing all fixing bolts of a directing profile of a casing of a bumper. If you remove the guide profile bumper offers access to the two front mounting bolts. Loosen them so that the spotlight along with his mount can move freely in the adjusting bushings. Twisting or spinning the adjusting sleeve to adjust the gaps.
After adjustment the bolts securing the headlights tighten with the required torque specified in the factory manual. After that re-check the side clearance lights. Install guide profile bumper. Test the lights for all functions. Check the headlight adjustment and adjust if necessary.