Advice 1: How to tie Muslim scarf

For Muslim women the headscarf is not only a tribute to traditions of our ancestors, but also a beautiful accessory which adorns it. And not just in a diverse color palette of scarves and ways of tying. And learn how to tie them pretty easily enough.
Under scarf is recommended to wear a special hat called the bonnet. It resembles a headband. With bonnet shawl will not slip on the head. In addition, the caps completely cover the hair. For clamping tissue to use a special needle or a safety pin.
Better to start with the simplest method of tying. Take a rectangular scarf. Place the narrow side of the scarf in the center and fold the ends back. Now bring the ends together and secure with a pin. Next, wrap the long side around the neck and again secure with a pin. Wrap the remaining fabric around the head and pin with the other hand. The longest part to hang freely over the shoulder.
You can tie a scarf and different. Take a handkerchief and put it on the crown of the head so that the long part was on the right side and short on the other. Now be sure to fasten the scarf under the chin with a small pin. It is important to remember that this method of tying the short side of the scarf should always be closer to the chin, and longer - on top of it. Now the long part of the wrap around the head just below the crown. Keep in mind that the lower the handkerchief, the more it will close the neck and shoulders. Then again tie the ends under the chin or on the side. To secure the scarf, it is necessary to pass the pin under the two layers of tissue of handkerchief. You can stab pins and left and right.
Now try to tie a triangular scarf. Fold the neckerchief diagonally to form triangle and place it on the center of the head. Index finger and thumb, hold both sides of the scarf. Press the ends of the handkerchief to cheek and begin to slowly twist one end of the scarf forward. Hold the fabric with one hand, pull the other end from under your ear. Further, the right hand wrap the scarf around the neck, while not forgetting to hold under the chin twisted end of the scarf. The remaining end to hang freely.

Advice 2: That means the Muslim Ramadan

Each year, the Committee of Muslim scholars announces the advent of the Holy Ramadan, the most blessed and important month for all Muslims. At this moment millions of Islamic followers around the world need to turn away for a whole month from earthly goods and to submit completely to the service of Allah.

The distinguishing feature of the chronology in Islam – using a special lunar calendar, as well as visually determining the start date of Ramadan for the appearance of the Crescent of the new moon. On this basis, and is determined by the annual shifting of holidays. Date of the onset of Holy Ramadan is determined by the Commission on the status of the moon, in the Renaissance, this holiday fell on the hot months.

One of the five requirements of Islam – fasting during this month. Fasting consists in abstinence from drinking, eating, performing marital duties and Smoking in daylight hours. That is to be abandoned during Ramadan, from everything that distracts a person from godliness. All bans are removed after dark, but still not recommended to indulge in excesses. Time need to spend in prayer and reading the Koran and other pious acts, including the distribution of alms to the poor.

The main purpose of the festival is to promote all the Muslims to piety, piety and doing good deeds. Post count only in case, if doing good deeds, you will refrain from bad habits and actions. From public Affairs that do not belong to the service of God, no entertainment, cheeky behavior, music and even loud conversations, all of that may distract the Muslim from thinking about the essence of its existence.

Fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan awakens the hearts of Muslims and promotes the remembrance of the Almighty. Libido and hunger while fasting remind you about Allah, which forbade the satisfaction of these needs. Fasting protects the eyes, ears, tongue, feet, hands and other organs from sins.

Post – the worship of Allah, the shield that protects every Muslim from the fires of Hell. Fasting, waiting two pleasures: the first is the joy of meeting with Allah and the second is the joy of breaking the fast. For other good deeds man is rewarded. Because Paradise has gates through which can pass only those who commit good deeds and fasting. Passed through the gates of Heaven are promised the opportunity to see Allah himself.

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