Sofas-the accordion is very easy to use: even a preschooler can quickly and effortlessly split it. These sofas are folded three times: the two parts are in the back, unfolding one during the transformation. The mechanism operates on the principle of a harmonica or accordion, which gave it the name of the sofa. This furniture is perfect for small apartments, because when folded takes up little space, has special boxes for clothes and unfolded very convenient. Durable metal frame easy to use and reliable, and the mechanism of the sofa can be used for a very long time.
To expand the sofa, slightly lift the seat over the fabric loop, the knob or protrusion (different models have different devices for unfolding). When you hear a small click, pull for themselves. Double the back of the sofa decomposed, forming a single surface with the seat. To expand the sofa, no need to move it away from the wall. Some models of accordions are special mechanisms, door closers, thanks to which the sofa itself goes forward.
To collect unfolded the sofa, lift the edge of the sofa using the same lever (hinges, handles, ledge) until you hear a click, which begins to work the hinge design. Then lower the seat and start to move forward. The back of the sofa begins to take shape, and you have to push the seat closer to the wall. Some models are also just collected automatically after you pulled the lever.
If you are unable to collect a sofa-accordion, for example, the mechanism stopped working, not audible clicks, need to replace some structural elements or mounting fittings. Professionals will do it quickly.