You will need
  • - cones;
  • - boxes;
  • - a mixture of leaf soil, peat and sand;
  • - Kraft paper;
  • - fertilizer and mushrooms;
  • - insecticides based on mineral oils.
Larch is propagated by seed. At the end of autumn it is necessary to collect fresh cones and put them in a dry dark place. There, the cones will open, releasing the seeds. Sow them best for the winter in the soil. You should take large boxes, because they trees will spend a couple of years.
Spring boxes should be put in the sun and there watered regularly. At the age of one to two years of larch can be transferred to a permanent place. The optimum period of planting is autumn after leaf fall or spring before the first leaves appear. The distance between trees should be between two to four meters. Planting depth 70-80 cm
Larch is better to plant in a Sunny spot. To the ground the tree is not picky (the only time it slowly grows on sandy soil). Gardeners recommend planting larch in a mixture of leaf soil, peat and sand (3:2:1).
The ground under the young trees should be loosened. In the first two years after planting in winter and early spring the young larch should cover the Kraft paper.
Early spring in the soil you want to fertilize. In the summer it is important to carefully remove the weeds. In the heat of the larch should be watered 1-2 times a week, using on each tree 15-20 litres of water. Particularly useful water after it washed wild mushrooms. You can also dig around the larch worm-eaten mushrooms.
Should carefully track the emergence of pests such as the larch mining moth. With the defeat of mol needles brightens and becomes flabby. In this case it is necessary to cut off the sick branch and treat the trees with a solution of any insecticide, made on the basis of mineral oils. Threat also pine mealybug.