You will need
  • phone;
  • - customer care Department;
  • - payment terminal.
The debt for the Internet, you can find outby calling the provider through whom you hold a connection. Usually the phone number of the reference specified in the service contract that you signed with the provider. Find a contract and view the phone in it. Most often, phone numbers are at the end, in the details or in the contact information.
If the phone number in the contract is not specified, then go to the computer to the OpenID provider to your account (this feature needs to work without Internet connection), there must be specified the telephone support service. If this function is not available or there is no access to a computer, please call the city help Desk and find out the phone provider. Then call on the proposed room, it should tell you exactly where to call to find out the status of your account. Prepare the contract number to dictate at the request of the debt.
You can also come to the customer care Department of the provider, describing the contract number and the name of the person who registered the service, learn the debt.
If your walking distance is a terminal account, you can try to Deposit some amount, then after some time to check the Internet connection. If Internet is not connected, then the amount in the account is not enough to make an additional payment. Thus add money to the account until the moment when the Internet connects. Just keep in mind that payments of this kind can be very late.