Switch off the engine in the car. All work performed in the cabin of the car should be safe for the wizard. Take special tools, for example for radio Mercedes Benz W168 1997-2004, is a tool – shaped, it is made of dense potoloki, and gently pry the bottom panel. Make sure that this model is no mount for radio in the form of metal rails, which are supplied along with the radio. If the skids are present, first pry off the clips, which are attached to the sled.
Remove the front panel of the center console. Proceed carefully and gently, to avoid damage to the plastic. Typically, a standard car require special tools for disassembly. Openings for such devices located on the front panel of the recorder or on the sides and can be closed with plugs. All depends on the type of radio.
Disconnect the connector of the injection pump and remove the frame. Unscrew the fastening screw located on the unit, usually four screws. Remove the block the climate control and leave it hanging on the wires.
Unscrew the screws fastening the transitional frame DIN radio and remove the device together with the frame. If you disassemble the radio standard set by the firm or its Mercedes official dealer, note that for each type of device has a special set of tools, i.e. individual keys, which are parts supplied with the new machine. If such instruments do not exist, contact the representatives of the company Mercedes. Don't try to manufacture such instruments themselves, incorrect use can cause damage to the system.
Take a trip to the service center of Mercedes, there is a professional master fast and efficiently carry out the removal procedure or replace the car. It will save your time and the work carried out will guarantee a decent result.