Method for round neck
Vykroyte piping to finish the neck strictly on form with a width of 4-5 cm In the facing direction of the thread must coincide with the directions of the threads on the back shelf. Prostrochite cut piping, connecting the shoulder seams.
Ratatouille seams grinding. Treat sections of piping, with with tucked them into 0.5 cm Put the facing on the front of the neck, face, joints connecting the piping with the shoulder seams of the model and the middle of the back, with middle piping.
Baste the facing, retreating from the edge of the neck about 0.7 cm and then baste the facing along the line of the cut from both sides, and then pristrochite cut without breaking the seam. Notch the seam allowances at the neck in several places, while not reaching the lines.
Fold the facing inside out, cover your edge facing and zautyuzhte. Secure the facing at the shoulder seams the hidden stitch thread to match the fabric in several places. Remove the basting thread and zautyuzhte from the piping.
Method for V-shaped neck
Vykroyte facing for the neckline of the back and two podborov for V neckline the right and left shelves. Fasten on podborta the angle of the opening further doubleroom or adhesive interlining. Stitch the facing to the back and podbot at the shoulder sections, then Ratatouille seams.
Treat external sections of podborta and piping zigzag or tuck 0.5 see Detail, prepared in this way put face on the front side of the model and pristrochite, retreating from the slices of 0.7 cm
Fold the facing with podborta inside out, Sametime along the neckline and zautyuzhte. Undo delete or make the stitching on the neckline (line podborta) from the front side, withdrawing 0.5 cm from the weld joint.
Method for square neck
Vykroyte in accordance with the neck two parts with a width of 4-5 cm: facing for shelves and the facing for the back. Duplicate adhesive interlining, neckline giving the piping a sharper shape. Stitch shoulder seams of otacek, Ratatouille seams and coat the external sections of obrazek.
Apply face finished facing on a front side of the product, join the shoulder seams and piping, Sametime the neck pristrochite, retreating from the inner slices of 0.7 cm Cut corners, stepping back from the seam by 0.2 cm
Fold the facing inside out, Sametime on the edge of the neck and zautyuzhte. Hidden stitches secure the facing at shoulder seams, basting remove.