Advice 1: How to know the name of the video card

In the gaming and professional computers video card has an important place. Lovers of computer games and video choose the video card carefully before purchase. To know the name of the video card without disassembling the computer, is also possible.
Of course, it can be done if you have not preserved or simply don't have the instructions, or you bought a used computer. To know the name of the manufacturer and model of video card is easy. To do this, click "start" on the desktop, select "All programs", then folder "Standard". In this folder you will see the label "Run" ("Run"). This shortcut can be invoked in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by going to "start" and typing in the word "Run" (without the quotes) at the bottom of the string to search for programs and files.
Click on the label "Run" and in the line that appears type "dxdiag" (without the quotes), then click "OK". You will see a diagnostics computer, which is called DirectX. It contains information about manufacturers of physical security of the computer is called "hardware". This includes the video card. Go to the display tab and make sure that.
The main elements of the tab "Screen" section "Device":
Name - the full name of the graphics card, including the model and its number;

Manufacturer - Corporation, a manufacturer of graphics cards under their own label;

Type of chips - graphics processor which uses the graphics card.

Advice 2: How to determine the name of the video card

Long gone are the days when memory was the main attribute of the power of the graphics card. Now a good gaming graphics card in addition to a sufficient amount of memory must have a powerful processor and high memory frequency. Therefore, in the system requirements for modern games often write the names or the graphics card or series of cards supported by the game. Accordingly, in order to purchase or download the game, you need to know the name of your graphics card. It is also necessary if you want to download drivers to it.
You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • program RivaTuner.
Owners of computers running Windows XP will be way to know the name of the video card. Just right click on an empty space on the desktop. In the context menu that opens after that, select "Properties". Then select "Settings" and go to the tab "Advanced". The name of your graphics card will be in the window that appears.
In the case of Windows 7 the context menu that appears after clicking on the desktop, right-click, select "screen Resolution". Then in the window click on "advanced settings". A window will appear with the namem of your video card.
The following method is universal. In the lower left corner of your Windows desktop click "start". Now in the list of programs, find "Standard". In the standard run command line. In it, type the command dxdia. Displays diagnostic tool Direct X. With it, you can see the model of graphics card. Operating system Windows XP name of the model located in the tab "Display". In the case of Windows 7 is a tab "Screen". The string "Name" is the name of the video card. You can also look at other parameters: "Manufacturer", "Type circuits", "memory", etc.
If you need to know in addition to the names and characteristics of the video card, then you can use the program RivaTuner. You can download it absolutely free from the Internet. Install the program. Restart the computer and run it. After that, in the first popup window will open with the name of your graphics card. Under the name ofm will be written main characteristics. And at the bottom the window will be information about the installed driver. Next to the name of the video card is the arrow by clicking on it and going into a "low-level system settings", you can see the CPU frequency of the video card.
Useful advice
The DirectX diagnostic tool also provides information about the total video card memory, screen mode, connected the monitor, drivers, and capabilities of the graphics card.
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