You will need
  • Microsoft Excel
Convert date to text in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in several different ways.
Open the desired document and find the cell data which need to translate from one format to another. Click the right mouse button and in context menu select "Format cells". Click on it. In the window that appears, open the tab "Number," where from the list of "number formats", select "Text". In the right part of the window you will see how to change your date after the manipulations. If you are satisfied, click OK if not click Cancel.
The second method is not more complicated than the previous. Typically, it is used in cases when you need to convert the date in the table to open the corresponding day of the week.
In the beginning you have to choose in the opened the sheet in the desired cell, click the right mouse button and from the appeared menu find the item "Format cells". Next, select the tab "Number" in list "number formats", click on the line "All formats". Now in right side window in the Type field, type one of two expressions:
dddd (DDDD) – if you want the value of the day of the week displayed in the cell;
DDD (DDD) – if you want the day of the week were given in abbreviated form.
To save your changes, click OK, otherwise click Cancel.
Convert numeric date to text can be performed using the TEXT function, which is written in the following way:
=TEXT(Number; format).
To alter the date a day of the week, the above function takes the form:
In that case, if you want to change the format of several cells, do not need to work with each of them individually. Should simply select all cells and choose one of the above actions.