A square is an equilateral quadrilateral in which each angle is 90°. To find the area (S) you need to multiply the length (l) width (b). Since in this figure the length and width are equal, it is sufficient to know one of the variables. Units of square cm?, m?, km? etc. Example: the side length of the square = 5 cm. we Need to calculate the area. Find it by the formula: S = l * b.
S = 5cm * 5cm.
S = 25cm?.
Response: the area of a square with side 5 cm is 25 cm?.
Cube - a polyhedron in which each face is a square. The cube has twelve edges that are equal to each other (ie, length, width and height of one face is length (height) of the rib) and six equal sides. To find the volume of a cube, multiply the three ribs (a). Units of volume: cm?, DM?, m? etc. for Example: edge length of 5 cm Need to find the volume of a cube. Calculate according to the formula:
V = a * a * a or V = a?.
V = 5cm * 5cm * 5 cm
V = 125 cm?
Answer: the volume of a cube with an edge length of 5 cm is 125 cm?.
If you want to calculate the area of all sides of a cube, first find the area of one side, and then sum the area of all six sides. For example: it is known that the length of one face of the cube is 5 cm Need to find the surface area. The solution has the form :
1. S = 5cm*5cm = 25cm?
2. ? = S+ S+ S+ S+ S+ S or S? =6*S
S?= 6*25cm? = 150cm?
Answer: the surface area of a cube with an edge length of 5cm - 150cm?If you want to find one of the geometric characteristics, knowing the volume of a cube or the area of a square, then the volume of the cube root is extracted and the value of the square - square.
The perimeter of a square is the sum of the lengths of all sides. Ie you need to add up the values of four lengths.For example: length of a square 5 cm Calculate the perimeter. To calculate the perimeter of any rectangle, you can use the formula: P = 2*(l+b).
For a square the formula is a simplified form of: P = 4*l
P = 4*5cm = 20cm
Answer: the perimeter of a square with a length of 5cm – 20cm.