Get your hands on the birth certificate of the child, not only to stand in a queue on a special website of the city administration, but also to choose a kindergarten. The website provides this service, moreover to inform about the application status and position in queue you can find out by e-mail or SMS notifications to your mobile phone. To do this, go to the link and begin the registration process.
On the page "submitting an application" insert the number and date of issuance of the birth certificate of the child, on the following page - full data (name, registered address, name and passport data of one of the parents contact phone number. Next fill in information about benefits. If available, the validation will have to submit the original documents with the district education Department.
Next, select a few preferred DOW (' you can look at the map). Will be invited to consider proposals for other kindergartens of the district, to neglect them should not be. For each selected garden you can see the number of people willing to get it in this DOE, on the screen the corresponding button. Complete the desired date of enrollment to kindergarten and review the information on the next page.
Date of registration in the preschool institution is the date of filling in the electronic application form on the website of the portal of state and municipal services of the Republic of Tatarstan. After that, all data will be checked for correctness in the database management of records of acts of civil status of the Cabinet of Ministers of RT.Upon successful verification of the statement is put in the queue. If the result is negative, the application will receive the status "confirmation documents". In this case, you will need to personally submit the original documents to the district Board within 30 days from the date of application on the portal site.If the statement contains a benefits, the documents they also need to provide confirmation to the district education Department.
In conclusion, the registration statement will be rated indecator, consisting of 17 digits. After the application is examined, the mobile phone and e-mail will receive a notification. Check the queue number can be the number or according to the birth certificate of the child.Equipment kindergartens held in the period from mid-may until the end of August. The emergence of a new service "Electronic turn" allows to save much time and is always to be aware of the promotion queue.