Usually elevated levels of prolactin associated with the appearance of tumors in the pituitary gland. If you are a long time to have a baby, you have changed menstrual cycle, you first need to establish the level of prolactin in the body. You must take a blood test. Before blood delivery it is impossible to have Breakfast, the day before the surrender is to have sex and not to go to the reception to mammologist and gynecologist.
If the prolactin level was elevated, before it be reduced, it is necessary to establish the cause of the increase. It can be certain medications. So, if you are taking reserpine or treated with drugs containing estrogen, increased prolactin is the body's response to these medications.
When pituitary tumors prolactin is also increases. To set this reason, you need to pass specific examinations, including MRI of the brain. Sometimes even x-rays can detect the tumor. In this case the doctor will appoint to you treatment. Strictly follow all instructions of doctors. Maybe you even have to go through surgery or radiation. If the neoplasm is benign, then use parlodel, parlodel or seracettin. But all of these drugs are prescribed by a doctor.
With increased prolactin levels use the most modern means – norprolac or dostinex. If you prescribe these medications – don't worry, they are effective and have a lasting influence after their admission.
When assigning severgina – the new drug for reducing prolactin levels, be confident in its use. It has passed several medical studies and performed well. It is safe and effective.
Sometimes with these drugs the doctor prescribes and even dietary supplements that accelerate the course of treatment.
For lowering of prolactin tune in to long-term treatment. The minimum time for treatment is six months. But there are cases when patients use drugs and more. Throughout this period you should regularly visit the doctor periodically to be tested for prolactin levels.