Use business immigration (passive investment), through which you can obtain a residence permit three months after submitting the application. To register in Switzerland the firm can adult citizens not having previous criminal records. You will have to pay yearly so-called lump-sum tax, the amount of which varies depending on the particular Canton in which to operate your firm. The residence permit will have to be confirmed every 10 years. Preparation of necessary package of documents and registration of the company can be entrusted to the law office, which can also assist in the extension of the residence permit.
Make an investment in an amount not less than CHF 1 million in the economic sector, involving the creation of new jobs. This method is called active investment. Residence permit in this case issued three months after the project was approved by the local authorities and complete all necessary procedures. The most trouble-free options of business projects are those associated with social security, for example, homes for the elderly.
Try to pre-visit the country to prepare the ground for the move by finding work. A job offer from a Swiss company is the main condition for obtaining a work visa. Keep in mind that the process of getting an invitation is very difficult. First and foremost, it can count on highly qualified specialists from the EU countries belonging to the rare professions. Only in the case if they can not find a suitable candidate, the employer will turn its attention to representatives of other countries.
Prove the existence of the substantive grounds under which you can be considered a refugee, which may be subjected to repression and whose rights are violated in the country of residence. In this case, you will receive a temporary residence permit, which will be automatically renewed if you will not violate Swiss laws. Five years later, you will be able to obtain a permanent residence permit for a period of 10 years. The refugee status brings with it many advantages: free medical care and housing in the dorms.