If you want to get a better idea about the beatbox, it is best to listen to on the Internet one of the songs performed by international artists – Tom Thum, Slizzer, ZeDe or domestic - Bitola, Vakhtang Kalandadze, Badge. So, in the opinion of professionals beatbox, its "alphabet" consists of only three sounds – classic kick (kik) hi-hat (hat) and snare drum (rimshot). To get the sound of "kik", try to pronounce our native b mouths, without the help of the voice. This sound is denoted by the Latin "V".
The easiest sound – het. Say gently, "C" or "t" without using the voice. If it is, label it as "t". Rimshot, its sound is reminiscent of a blow to the rim of the drum. It consists of the letter "K" you should say, using only the throat without a voice. While my mouth open as wide as possible. This will facilitate your efforts and "K" sounds much better. On the "scores" of beatboxing, rimshot marked with letters "Ka".
And now you can move on to the main bit, a range of beatboxing. It looks like this: B t t B t Ka Ka t. Pronounce these sounds until then until you feel the result. If felt, try the other options offered in the Internet abound.
And here are some examples of sounds are also used in the beatbox. To complete oscillatio lips (Bww) connect your lips together and exhale through the air, while not relaxing his lips. Then try to run closed hi-tet (t), for which the tongue rest against the front lower teeth, as in pronouncing the letter "t" (something between "t" and "C").
And now to what happened, add a long "s" and you get the open hi-tet (tss). To pronounce the sound handclap (kch) press your tongue to the upper palate and make sharp intake of breath. Techno-kick (g) resembles the swallowing sound. You should strain your throat and pronounce a long sound of "u" with the mouth closed.