You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - registration documents;
  • - warehouse;
  • - contracts with suppliers and transport companies;
  • - employees;
  • advertising.
For the organization of any business should write a business plan. Calculate it investments, analyze the market, find the monthly cost, count the profits. The more detailed a business plan, the less mistakes in the process of opening and development of own business you will make. Also, it can be useful to get a Bank loan.
Sign up at the tax office. Enough to become an individual entrepreneur, but at desire it is possible to open a legal entity. It is advisable to choose a common system of taxation, as for most of your potential customers will be an important return of value added tax.
Find a warehouse for temporary storage. When it is desirable to have office space with the repair, furniture and office equipment.
Agree with suppliers of metal. Try to conclude the contract not with middlemen, but directly with the manufacturers of the products.
Pick a transport company that will deliver the metal to you from the factory and from you to your customers.
Hire the staff. You will need an accountant, legal adviser, sales Manager, logistics Manager. You can take on some responsibilities, and at the beginning of the organization's activities for the sale of metal even to perform almost all the work yourself.
Pay close attention to advertising. Order in the specialized firm services for the development and promotion of our site, add the catalog of products with prices. Post announcements on electronic boards. Published in specialized journals. Despite the fact that outdoor advertising in your area is used more as pointers, not worth it to neglect. The main method of promoting sales of metal – roll-call potential clients and sending business proposals.