Rinse the stomach, unless, of course, and so does not tear. For this drink about 2 liters of water, then provoke an attack of nausea by pressing on the tongue with two fingers. Lavage spend with an interval of 30 minutes about 3 times. In the water can add salt, soda, potassium permanganate, or use of alkaline mineral water. After that, you will become a little easier, but intoxication will not work fully.
Take 7-10 tablets of activated charcoal. After a few hours, drink 2-4 tablets every 4-6 hours for several days. Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent, it pulls all the toxins from the body and removes them.
Try to drink as much liquid as possible. Helps remove toxicity tea, dairy products, fresh juices and mineral water. If you are not sick and you have not increased the acidity of the stomach, then squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of cold water and drink. Vitamin C helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms and removes intoxication.
Cook light meat or vegetable broth. Begin gradually is. The food will help "start" the stomach, and the amendment will go a bit faster. If you do not want to eat, drink a couple of pills digestive means, for example, "Holenzim", "Mezim", "Festal" or "Pancreatin". Not interfere with the choleretic drugs: "Allohol", "no-Spa", "Essentiale", "Flamin". During the period of intoxication the liver is working poorly because of stagnation of bile, which will be released after taking the drug.
If you feel really bad, you better call an ambulance. In some cases, to remove poisoning can only be in the hospital. Also in the hospital, you will support the work of the heart with the help of special medications. Sometimes the only medical help can save lives.