If you have friends working in law enforcement, telling them the serial identification number of the phone (IMEI) you can find out its location exactly.
To make this request in the official order only if the phone was stolen. In addition to the IMEI, you have to report and signs of a person who stole the phone (if possible), and other circumstances of the case. Most likely, by the time you go to the police, the perpetrator will get rid of the SIM card.
Such information can provide operators Beeline. But, unfortunately, this information is strictly confidential and can only be provided upon request of law enforcement.
Go online and visit one of the many sites offering servants to search for the phones working in the GSM and GPS. The location of your phone will be determined with an accuracy of 50 meters. But be careful: not all sites claiming such services, provide their really.
If you are worried about how to spend time your child or elderly relative, connect to their phone service "Mobile locator" from Beeline. In order to determine the location of a caller, this mobile operator uses several technologies:

- COO (cell of origin) determines the cell in which at the time of detection of the position of the subscriber;

- TOA(time of arrival) takes into account the time difference between several reference stations Beeline, who converted signal;

- AOA (angle of arrival) takes into account the direction of the signal, which receives the antenna Beeline network to determine the "angle challenge".
Note: to connect this service, you need the written consent of the owner of the Beeline, so to arrange shadowing an unfaithful spouse, you are unlikely to succeed.
In addition, some mobile phones offer free subscription services that help to locate the other party, provided that in his phone of the same brand installed a similar application (for example, AlterGeo for phones based on Android):