Conditionally divide all the incoming calls to personal and business challenges. Personal calls take calls that you take from relatives, colleagues, friends or acquaintances, that is people that assume informal communication. Business contacts imply communication with bosses, clients, various organizations and services, including social, which provide services (shops, real estate agencies, notary's offices, hospitals, clinics, foundations, etc.).
A good look at the phone to be used. You need to know how to remove the phone to answer the incoming call. In the mobile phone call is displayed on the screen of the phone. If you selected caller ID, the screen displays the number of the caller. Press select, over which the screen will be written "Accept" or "Answer" key or with the image on her handset green, which is in almost any phone. Usually, the keys calls are located in the left part of the keyboard of the phone.
If you accept the challenge, which involves a personal conversation with a relative or friend, you should respond in the manner in which you usually communicate with someone that is convenient for both of you. If the call involves business communication, or the number is unfamiliar to you, use polite and simple answers like "Yes", "Hello", "Listen", etc. then say Hello to the interlocutor. Never use in business communication the phrase "the device", "wire", etc., because it can push a person configured for a serious conversation.
Answering a call in the office, off-hook caller phone, say Hello and briefly introduce yourself without waiting for a reply from the caller. You can use standard phrases such as "the Company "XXX", Ivanov Sergey, welcome!" are quite polite, informative and have to cooperate.