Nature by the hand of man can be determined using the following classification:1. Elementary - a big hand with short thick fingers shows limited intelligence, propensity to superstition, rudeness.
2. Shovel (active) - palm wide, fingers with blunt ends – the person vigorous, fearless, hardworking, determined.
3. Temperamental (conical) - elongated, flexible palm with thin daugiausia fingers usually belong to a sensitive, creative and impulsive natures.
4. Square - rough palm square shaped characterwill isue law-abiding, conservative, and thorough person with strong will power and average intelligence.
5. Philosophical (knotty) - extending the hand fingers, pronounced knuckles – the person restrained, hardworking, honest, has a materialistic and logical thinking.
6. Idealistic (pointed) - long palm with very long, pointed fingers indicates the ability to appreciate true beauty, religiousness, detachment from reality, maladjustment to everyday life.
7. Combined – palm has the attributes of several types.The hand shape and character are interrelated. The most common combination of several of the above types of palms, joining them and forming features of the unique character of each person.
The author of the book "How to know the nature of man" (1897,St. Petersburg, typography Soykina), his name is unfortunately unknown, argues that the nature of man at arms can determine, noting their softness. Owners soft hands are pliable in nature, they are sensitive, impressionable and reckless.The stiffness of the hands can be either from nature or acquired over the years. A natural stiffness of the hands indicates a good ability of the personof moderate sensibility and sensitivity, and not too good manners.