Select the form of summary, which point to education, additional education and work experience in a similar position in chronological order. In the "further education" and enter all the trainings and courses that you passed at the previous place of work. If the company in which you want to work, has its own set form of summary, clearly follow the instructions for completing it. Evaluate you as a candidate will have these skills.
In the column "Previous work" describe in detail your job duties and customer category. Be sure to specify the reasons for dismissal and the search for a new job. Do not write that you are unable to find a common language with the regional Director - this phrase will scare the employer. And especially do not write that chronically failed to fulfill the assigned plan. Better specify the reasons for leaving more streamlined, the company formed an opinion about you as a versatile person. For example, the cause of finding a new job has become an interest in another branch of medicine, due to constant new research and implementations in this field.Dates of employment and dismissal specified in the summary must be exactly the same with employment records.
In summary there is a column "Hobbies and entertainment". In this section you only need to enter the data relevant to medicine and science in General. For example, reading scientific literature and experiments in the field of biology. Do not write about their Hobbies, type of gambling, is alerted of the employer. The answers to the questions in this section of the summary should be as sincere, employers in promoting pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment very closely related to the interests of the employee. Get ready for a detailed story about your Hobbies in the interview.
Learn its summary by heart, at any time you will call and start asking clarifying questions. Answers must correspond to the filled questionnaires. Rate your experience in the industry adequate. Do not submit summary to the post of higher order, if you don't have the same experience. Improvement usually takes place within one and the same company, sometimes the most talented employees are invited to a promotion in another company employers themselves.
Do not try to ascribe extra to his achievements at previous jobs, it will become clear at the interview and the refusal will be provided. Be concise and competent, they are two components of the right summary and a successful search for a new job.