You will need
  • - application for a license;
  • - documents certifying the identity of parents;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - photos of parents (3x4);
  • - document the conclusion or
  • divorce;
  • - the reference from educational institution for children over the age of 16.
For obtaining the certificate of a large family have a right to the citizens having three and more children. To obtain this document you must contact the Department of social protection, which refers to your municipality. You will be given a list of documents required for the recognition of families with many children.
Driving a large family needs to renew once a year. For this purpose, the social security authorities will have to provide:
-the reference from educational institution (school, College, technical College) in children under 16 years of age;
-the identity of a large family, received in the past year;
-parents ' passports or other identity documents;
-birth certificate of each child;
-the document of marriage or its termination.
If you lose the identity of a large family, you are required to issue a duplicate. You first need to write a statement about his loss and to collect a package of documents necessary for renewal of the permit.
Received certificate gives the family the right to enjoy a variety of benefits. These include free prescription, discount to pay for a landline phone and kindergartens. 20 Jun 2011 there is a law that allows families to obtain free land. Such a family can count on benefits when you purchase vouchers to the camps, sanatoriums and recreation centers. Each year the government is obliged to allocate means for purchase of school uniforms and textbooks.