One way to download games is to download them from the network. Launch the browser on your phone and go to any of the sites dedicated to the manufacturer of your phone. Go to games section for your model phone and download the one that you like.
You can also simplify the process of finding the right site and the game using the computer. In order to download it, enter in the address bar of the browser of your phone the link, and then save the file.
You can also download games from your friends ' phones if their game can run on your phone. Check out this easy. Ask your friend to turn on bluetooth or the infrared port and transfer to your phone any game. Save it and try to run it.
The best option that does not require payment either for traffic or for download and the second phone is using your computer to download games and then transfer them to the phone. Find online sites devoted to your brand, then download those gamesthat you liked.
Synchronize your phone with your computer. As a rule, data cable and a CD with the drivers required for this can be found in the package of your mobile. Otherwise you will have to purchase a data cable in a cell phone store and download the driver from the website of the manufacturer of your phone.
Install the driver, then connect the phone to the computer. It is necessary to carry out the actions in this sequence in order to avoid incorrectly adding a new device which is your phone. Run the software to synchronize, then verify that the computer "sees" the phone and upload the game file on it.