You will need
  • - putty;
  • - spatulas;
  • - sandpaper;
In the old wooden frames, and the sill during the operation sometimes cracks, and other unwanted cavities. They intended to eliminate the putty. Putty is a special part used in the repair and construction work for leveling the surface and subsequent coating it with paint. To work with wood get a special filler for wood for other materials you can use a universal filler. It is sold in the form diluted mass or in the form of powder which must be diluted in water before use.
If you must use putty to level a large surface, use a wide spatula or plaster poluterok. If you need to patch up small areas, you will approach a small narrow spatula. If the recess is large, makes sense to spackle it into two campaigns: partially repaired and wait until dry and then close up until the end. To reach hard to reach places, apply the putty with your finger.
While the putty is still wet to the end, go over the surface with a wet brush to get rid of the need for sanding. Or wait for the drying of the composition and level the surface with sandpaper. Don't despair if you can't make the surface perfectly smooth - it is usually impossible even for the professionals: the small bumps are anyway. Here can help sander.
Before further work (sanding, painting, etc.) wait until the plaster dries. Typically, the drying time indicated on the package itself and is three hours or more.