Advice 1: How to check winding short circuit

Inter-turn short circuit occurs, as a rule, in the coil winding from damage to the insulating layer, the result of the process is the reduction resistance and the sintering of a large number of turns of the coil. To prevent detrimental to the generator effects need time to take measurements.
To test inter-turn short-circuit, use an ohmmeter. Connect the device and take readings. Verify the results with a given resistance value. Remember that by reducing the winding resistance through the contacts of the regulator begins to pass current greater permissible value (often between the contacts skips spark).Please note, if the power generator has fallen sharply, the battery is stopped to show the level of charge, then most likely there is a break in the circuit phase windings of the stator. If you broke both phases, the generator will not work at all.
If you have already disassembled the generator, test the inter-turn short circuit can alternately connecting to the battery phases, closed on the bulb. The lamp will not illuminate if the circuit is open.
Use flaw PDO-1 this unit has an induction and receiving-signal devices. When checking the winding flaw install so that the groove between the teeth of the stator core located between the air gaps of the core and receiving the signal and induction machines. Connect the induction coil of the apparatus to the source of AC or DC voltage of 12 V. In case of a malfunction of the circuit, a neon lamp PDO-1 will be steadily lit.Remember that the detector can work continuously for not more than three minutes.
Use the electromagnet and the steel plate. The method is simple and old, but has not lost its effectiveness. Place the steel plate on the reel but fix it if you have closed coils, the plate will be attracted to the grooves where the damaged section.

Advice 2: How to determine winding short circuit

In the coils the field coils can sometimes happen interturn short circuit. The reason for this faulty coils is mechanical damage or destruction of the winding insulation overheating. The result is a decrease in the resistance of the winding, which in turn increases the current. The winding temperature increases and leads to the closure of a number of turns of the coil. It is therefore necessary to identify the presence of short-circuited turns as early as possible.
You will need
  • - ohmmeter;
  • - ammeter;
  • - the voltmeter;
  • - portable flaw detector.
Shorted turns in the coil winding define, measure coil resistance using an ohmmeter, or by removing the ammeter (voltmeter) when powered coil from the battery. Record the readings of the measuring device. Divide the voltage value of the current and calculate the resistance. If coil resistance was less (compared to nominal) and the short turns. Troubleshooting the rewind coil or its replacement.
To check the coil for a short use also another method. Connect it through an ammeter to the battery. Measure the amperage in the circuit of the winding. Now measure the amperage in the circuit of the winding other coil, known good. If the circuit is missing, both measurements will show approximately the same current.
For the detection of interturn short circuit in the windings of electric machines use a portable flaw detector. Connect the device to a power source and place it in the bore of the stator to the groove sections check the winding located between the air gaps of the steel packages flaw. About inter-turn short circuit will signal fire on the instrument lamp.
To manufacture the simplest flaw detector collect electrical steel core. Pull the core plates by bolts, isolated from steel strips. Wind on a core of 800 turns of wire of brand of PEV-section of 0.8 mm.
How to determine winding short circuit
To check the windings put her on the "shoulders" of the device core. Put on plate, steel plate from tinplate. Connect the coil of the device to the network. Now slowly rotate the coil holding plate. If one of the pairs of windings the insulation is damaged, the steel plate is drawn.
By visual inspection the presence of interturn short-circuit without special equipment determined by the local destruction of the windings. Note also this sign as "coking" of oil and the interior surfaces of the device. Often with inter-turn short circuit will trigger automatic protection at start-up of the unit.
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