You will need
  • garden or stretcher bond Bur.
Note that on level areas the depth of occurrence of groundwater (for surface) is almost the same. In areas that have an uneven surface, ground waters have a lower depth in the lower areas.
If the territory is swamped, it means finding the level of water at a shallow depth, usually less than one meter. When flooding of small hollows can talk about the presence of groundwater at a high enough level that is above ground level. When a large amount of rain the water level may rise and in dry periods, respectively, to decrease. If the water comes to the surface, then the mirror of water it is possible to determine directly the level of water on earth.
When the level of water below the surface of the earth you need to drill wells with small diameter. For this purpose, apply long garden auger (to a depth of up to 2 metres) or a professional stretcher drill, which allows you to drill and take soil samples at a considerable depth (up to five metres). The level of water after proburivaja measured after 24 hours. If after 3-5 days the level has not changed, it is the correct value, which can be used in the construction.
If the water lies at a greater depth, you should carefully examine the surrounding area to inspect the wells, springs, pits, depressions of the surface, etc. When accounting for the topography, you can roughly call the depth of occurrence of waters. If water was not found up to the depth of three to five meters, to search them is safe for construction of Foundation of buildings. If you build a mine, well or borehole, the information on groundwater is required. Additionally, we need to figure out what breed contains soil with ground water. For this, an additional survey (a sample of the soil).