You will need
  • - a scalpel or a hammer.
Open the case charging. Cut the side the seal and using a scalpel, tapping, cut the plastic weld. It's enough to be only on one side of the block. It is important to determine which party ZU is an edge, and which groove. Must find a party that without ribs.
If no scalpel, to open the device, you can use the hammer. Wrap the block of food in a towel and tap with a small hammer the seam. Strikes should be sharp and strong enough to ensure that the body began to slowly disperse. After tapping the unit power supply is easy to open, and on a plastic surface will not have any damage.
Remove the case. Unit supply is a metal box, which is located under the Board. Find the cause of the fault, namely, check the voltage at the output of the Board. If the unit gives the required voltage, then the problem is within the wire or the plug that plugs into the laptop.
Remove the plastic limiter off the plug and check the integrity of the wires. If the wires are damaged, cut off the unwanted part and solder undamaged areas. Carefully insulate each wire separately.
If Assembly and disassembly of the unit case of the power to exercise accurately, then the damage caused during the autopsy, would remain practically invisible and the charger will retain its appearance.