When booking such packages and connecting service MMC, you save money to send multimedia messages several times. However, if you stopped using this service, you need to disable MMS Beeline or MTS.
Popular package "MMS-nl" operator Beeline can be disabled in the following way. If you are a prepaid subscriber, dial your phone number 0674090170 and disable the service. If you are a subscriber is a postpaid system, you can use to deactivate the room 067415100.
If you failed to disable the service as described above, call on the answering machine "Mobile consultant" on number 0611. It will automatically detect your plan, the amount in the account and connected services. Follow the instructions on the answering machine and quickly disable the services MMC.
The Beeline subscribers can deactivate the service MMC , you can also use the control Center services. This service allows to activate and deactivate chargeable services, such as MMC package. To disable the service "MMS", type on the keyboard mobile phone the following combination: *110*181# and press the call button. In the appeared menu, select deactivate and necessary service.
If you are an MTS subscriber, to disable the service MMC , you can do one of two ways. Go to the official website of the operator into the category of "Internet assistant" and follow the prompts to disconnect service. Here you can also know the status of your account and information about all connected services.
If you do not have access to the Internet, use the service "SMS-assistant". To do this, send from your mobile phone SMS-message with the code 21460 for the number 111. After sending a message service MMS will be disabled automatically.
If you have any problems with the deactivate MMS on MTS, please contact the operator via a web site company cell phone by number 88003330890 from a landline phone or calling 0890 on your mobile phone. Ask the operator to help you disable the service MMS.