In our country for check transport meets state inspection of road safety (STSI). If you're going to put the automobile on the account without having any documents for the vehicle, then most likely, you will face serious problems as to make it not so simple.
To put cars on the account , contact the traffic police with your request. If you do not have documentation on carmobility in the form of a technical certificate or property rights, the registration process may take quite a long time. Entrust conduct all of these activities experienced professionals from law firms, which for years engaged in the solution of such problems. They can solve your problem very quickly. If you want to solve the issue yourself, contact the appropriate state agencies where you will be helped.
If the documents on the automobile has been lost, submit an application with the registration authority. If after six months they will not be found, you can begin to make out all the documentation on the autoMobil from scratch. For starters, let's move the car to the service station, where I held a full inventory of all parts autoMobil and their technical characteristics. Prepared a technical passport, which records data about a car: starting from the serial numbers of the engine and ending mileage.
If autoMobil you got no documents, first of all have to explain to law enforcement, where you get it, how it is you got. And only then you can begin to do its registration in the traffic police.
Availability of documentation on the car greatly simplifies its operation and resale. With this in mind, keep the documents in your automobile in a safe place, away from prying eyes. This will help you to enjoy driving your automobile for many years. Cars on the account should be placed immediately after purchase. Do not delay this procedure.