If you decide on the world day of medical sisters (12 may) to give them a competitive competition, to approach this case you should very responsibly and carefully. Just how efficiently worked a competitive job and correctly formulated questions, depends on the choice of the best of the best.
The whole process of the competition usually takes place in 4 stages. The first phase is the verification of theoretical knowledge. It is better to spend directly on a workplace participating in the competition.
Assign a day to which the contestants will have to prepare their "Calling card". It usually includes a private performance (a short story about their work), greeting members of the jury, the fans and the competitors.
In the third stage, participants prepare a "Blitz tournament". Let them in the mode of shortened time will give more correct answers to the questions from professional knowledge. Questions can be of the following nature:- Fenolftaleina test – what is it? (Answer: test detergent);
- What kind of bandage should be applied with the damages and injuries of the nose? (Answer: sling bandage);
- What consequences can result from the transfusion of incompatible blood? (Answer: transfusion shock);
- How many hours in a closed box can store the materials in a sterile form? (Answer: 72 hours).
To the competition was interesting, you have to approach this matter creatively. Select lines from the songs in which little is said about health, and let the contestants determine the diagnosis of a hero. For example:- "My heart stood still my heart stood still" (the Diagnosis of clinical death);
"What are you, dear, look askance, low head tilting" (Diagnosis: osteoarthritis);
- "I'm ready to kiss the sand on which you went" (Diagnosis: manic syndrome).
Arrange nurses "Culinary" competition. Let them answer questions about the following:- the Roots of some plants are added to the coffee beverage? (Answer: chicory);
- The juice of this plant can be derived from the human body all the toxins. (Answer: parsley);
- The name of this vegetable is Latin for "head"? (Answer: cabbage).
Do not forget about entertainment competitions, and also performances of the participants themselves and their support groups.
At the end of the competition program, jury estimate ("business card" contestants can obtain a maximum of 5 points in "blitz-tournament" for each correct answer, one score) and calculates the scores of each participant. Who has more points he is the winner of the competition.