You will need
  • - to study the document;
  • - to search candidate's social media
  • to make a request to the University;
  • to apply to the Federal service for supervision in education and science.
To check the authenticity of a diploma in several ways. Take the document and read it through. It needs to be made of quality materials, and have watermarks. Pay attention to the seal, the signature and other details. Low-quality counterfeit will be visible immediately. This is the most simple and accessible method. However, if you are dealing with a fake diploma, done by professionals with quality materials, you'll need additional means of verification.
Go to the social network. They have a database of a huge number of schools. Find a peer check of the candidate. If he studied in the stated University, you will find it in the friends list. For greater certainty talk with alumni to find out was terminated if the person institution or were expelled.
Send a request to the school. This practice is used by many reputable employers. However, the University may refuse to provide such information, citing its confidentiality. In this case, make an official letter on company letterhead and specify the objective of the audit. Ask the owner of the diploma to sign the document, which will indicate that they have reviewed and agree with this review. Wait for the official response.
To check the authenticity of the diploma , please contact the Federal service for supervision in education and science. Click on the link Write statement, specify the data organization that submits the request. If you are not an employer, please fill in your surname, name, patronymic and passport details. Write the information of the person whose document of education you want to check the level of education, series and number of the form of the diploma. Your request will be registered in the Rosobrnadzor. The answer will be ready in the tagging of 1 month. If additional expertise will be required, the period may be extended.