To start, determine the territorial affiliation of your organization in accordance with the provisions of the law of Ukraine "On associations of citizens". According to this law an organization can be urban, national or international. And hold a meeting of founders and make a record of this meeting, which specify the goals and objectives of future social organization. The Protocol should be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of meeting of founders.
Next, select a name for your organization and reserve it in district administration in the Department of entrepreneurship. To do this, complete the application for reservation of name of the legal entity. At the time of application, pay a state fee in the amount of UAH 34. Keep the originals of passport and identification number. Make sure that the Registrar issued the certificate of registration of names with indication of the deadline for filing other documents.
Now you need to prepare within a specified time all the necessary documents. To do this, collect the following paper:- a notarized statement on the establishment of public organizations, signed by all founders;
- the Charter of the organization in two copies;
- minutes of the meeting of founders in two copies;
data on the composition of the management bodies and the founders of the organization;
- the documents concerning the location of the organization;
- receipt about payment of state duties for the registration of the public organization in the amount of 85 UAH;
- registration card (form №1) about the state registration of the legal entity (3 copies).
After that, you have to issue a certificate of registration of public organizations and legal entities with which you apply to the State tax service, Pension Fund, social insurance Fund and other organizations for the passage of the next stage of registration of public organizations.
Then contact the interior Ministry to receive documents for the issue of stamps of the organization. This will also pay legal costs and notary sign the certificate of registration. After obtaining all the documents can go to the Bank for registration of the settlement account of the organization.