You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • program TuneUp Utilities.
Click on the tab hard diskand left click. Then in the context menu select "Properties", then "Wipe disk". Wait a few seconds until the system will scan the selected partition. In the appeared window mark the file types that the system can remove (for example, standalone Internet pages, etc.), and click OK, and then Delete. Then some drivethe new space will be cleared. Accordingly, memory will be more. Thus do this with all partitions of your hard disk.
Also to free up space on your hard disk, you will help the program TuneUp Utilities. Find it on the Internet, download and install it on your PC. Run the program. When TuneUp Utilities is run for the first time, it starts to scan your computer. Wait for the scan and then hit "Fix problems". Again wait a few seconds and then get into the main menu, in which select "Free up space on your hard diske". After that, go to "Junk files" and select "Clear".
After the wipe operation is completed you will once again be in the section "cleaning the hard disk". This time select "Older backups" and "Clean". After returning to the menu, cleaning the diskand select "Windows Features". Review the suggested features. If you don't use any of them, then turn it off. To do this, click on "to Disable the program for a while." Most of the programs that there will be little demand, and disabling them will free much drivethe new space.
Later in the main program menu go to the tab "manage system" and select "Delete broken shortcuts". Wait until the analysis is complete, then select "Clear". It will release slightly, but will make the system more stable and faster.