If you bought a license disk with the game inside the box with the drive should be a serial number which you must enter when you first start. It is also sometimes sent by e-mail. There are several ways to activate and run the game. During installation, when prompted, enter the serial number and click Next. After installation is complete, run the game.
If this way to activate the game failed or your computer is not connected to the Internet, activate the game through another computer. To do this, go to system protection Star Force, and in the resulting window, enter your existing serial number of the computer games and hardware code, and then hit "Get activation code". Next, start the game and the activation window enter the serial number and select "Activate a different way." In the next window, enter the generated code and click "Next". Now the game should start.
If this also does not work, use the option of activating the game via SMS message. In the activation window enter the serial number and select "Activate a different way", then go to the tab "SMS". The system will generate a message send to a short number in the activation window. In return you will receive a message with a code that you must enter in the empty field. After activation, start the game and start your adventure.
The last option activate the game by phone. In activation menu other ways to select "Phone" and calls the number, telling the operator your serial number and hardware code. After data validation the operator will tell you the code to activate. Enter it in the same window and complete the activation process.