Advice 1: How to get a military Department

If you are not satisfied military service by conscription or contract, the ideal option would be to enlist for military Department and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the reserves. It should be assigned to the Institute, so you will get 2 higher educations: civil and military.
You will need
  • - Registration certificate;
  • - passport;
  • the student's card;
  • - medical examination;
  • - military map of the student.
Go to University, where there is a military Department. At the moment there are not more than 30 educational institutions across the country where it is possible to obtain a military occupational specialty. Select a University where it is fixed on a national basis. Usually on the senior students of technical specialties, but there are exceptions to this rule.
Go through all the stages of familiarization with the Department. In the first year of the civil University will visit meetings organized by the military Institute. Write down all important details and recommendations that will be given to officers. All this will help you get there faster.
Prepare for the delivery standards. As a rule, closer to may of the first year of study at the Institute you should ask at the General meeting to pass physical standards. You usually need to run 100 meters in 15 seconds or less. And also to catch up at least 11 times. This will be the minimum required for admission. More than 90% of students pass the first stage and subsequently go to school.
Pass the medical examination. You will be given a special card, which will have all the instructions, including lists of tests that need to be passed. Complete all professionals in the clinic and put in print in local dispensaries. The results of this survey the draft Board will make a conclusion on the suitability of the student to school. You will be assigned a specific military category.
Sign a contract with the military Department. Take personal documents and medical card. Come at the beginning of the next academic year in the military Institute and complete the contract for training: it is designed for 3 years. Give the contract to the responsible officer.
We will start training at the military Department. It will be held, as a rule, every certain day of the week. In this time practicing civil institution should not be.

Advice 2: How can one get military training

For military training can get any citizen of the country, which is in stock. It is necessary to be registered at the military Commissariat at the place of registration, since it is this body decides about the call charges.
To go for military training on its own initiative, the citizen of Russia can not, because the necessity of such fees is determined by the Ministry of defense and other authorized bodies. To volunteer on collecting only those persons who officially reside in the reserve, are registered in the military Commissariat at the place of registration. The immediate challenge to such events is the order of the military, which reported on the location and timing of fees (usually need to arrive directly to the police station or other collection point). For calling on specified activities person also must not be subject to certain statutory exceptions.

Who are not cause for military training

For military training can be called any citizens who are in reserve or in reserve. In this case, the exception is women, police, other bodies of internal Affairs, the civilian personnel of the army and persons working directly on some types of transport (air, water court). In addition, exempt from fees teaching staff, the students, many children residing in the territory of another state entity, some other categories of citizens. Also, the absolute grounds for exemption from any activities related to the performance of military duties, is the presence of criminal convictions, open criminal case, appointed punishment in the form of deprivation, imprisonment, obligatory or corrective works.

How much time are continuing military training

The law determines the possible frequency of calling the citizens to undergo military training, the maximum time frame for their implementation. It should be noted that there are training and test fees, the duration of which is counted separately. The maximum duration of one military fee for being in stock citizen is two months. Also limited the overall term fees that could be called up reservists face. The specified period is twelve months. Note that the military commissariats, other authorities can cause one citizen to such events more often than once in three years. It is also forbidden to bring to passage fees a recently discharged soldier (for two years after the date of dismissal).
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