Take a sheet of paper and write in the corner the date and time of writing. Be sure to write the case number, which shall be considered, personal data of the Secretary, the name of the court judges. Specify information about the parties and other individuals who were previously subpoenaed.
Write the data known about the defendant, what's the measure of restraint was selected against him during the preliminary investigation. If in the course of the proceedings it had filed a petition to this effect must be included separately. Also recorded objections, replica parties and statements.
Record all decisions and definitions which the court is removed to the consultative room. At the beginning of the hearing the parties clearly outlines their rights and responsibilities, they put the signature - you should fix in Protocole of the hearing.
Recorded in a document of testimonies given by participants in the trial. Pay special attention to the questions that may be asked people and their answers. Be sure to track the results of actions on research evidence, the results of inspections and examinations.
Fix the circumstances that I beg to record the participants in the process. Specify the content of the debate, replicas of the parties before the court in the deliberation room. Write the essence of the last word of the defendant. Provide the details of the sentencing, the procedure of appeal, bringing comment.
Specify under what law the parties may view the contents of the Protocoland the trial. If the court had violated the order, you must write in the document what action was taken against the offender. All used technical equipment(tape recorder, video camera, camera, etc.) write in the Protocol, they may, with the consent of the participating individuals. In this case, the materials obtained by means attached to the criminal case.
Please refer to the presiding judge within three days after the end of trial and sentencing - he needs to sign a document with the court clerk. It can be written by parts - in this case, signed by each of them.
Explain to the parties their right to file a petition for acquaintance with the contents of the Protocoland within three days after the end of the meeting. By submitting an application, participants can make a copy of the Protocol, but at their own expense.
Keep in mind that the responsibility for the late production of the Protocoland are the responsibility of the court clerk along with the presiding judge. The Protocol shall contain information on the merits and not contain errors, be carefully drafted. Otherwise, it entails its annulment by a higher Tribunal.